Cold is Cool Passport

4th and 5th Graders Ski Free in Michigan — MSIA and Michigan’s ski areas are giving kids an opportunity to get out, have fun and get healthy this winter. Students can obtain a Cold is Cool Ski & Ride Passport with up to three free lift tickets or trail passes at over 25 participating ski areas, plus additional discounts on the slopes and ski shops.


What’s included in a Cold is Cool Passport?

  • up to three free lift tickets or trail passes at over 25 participating ski areas
  • a coupon for 20% off a helmet purchase
  • $20 off the purchase of $100 at participating ski shops across the state
  • Some ski areas have also included coupons for equipment rental and free or discounted lessons

How do I get a Cold is Cool Passport?

Order your passport online or by submitting an order form. It usually takes about two weeks to receive your Passport. $20 covers printing and shipping costs. Proof of 4th or 5th grade status is required. Check out a sample Passport!

Program Details and Information

  • Proof of 4th or 5th grade status is required. One page of a report card or progress report is sufficient. If the child is home schooled, the parent or guardian can include a note stating the child’s grade equivalent. Please note! Put your child’s name and address in the “Ship To” column if you are ordering online.
  • MSIA charges $20 for the Cold is Cool Passport which covers printing, shipping and postage fees.
  • The Passport is valid through April 30, or the end of the 2019/20 ski season.

In order for fourth and fifth graders to use the free lift or trail pass coupons, a paying adult must accompany them. “We feel that fourth and fifth graders should be supervised by an adult while on the slopes and trails. Our intention is to make this a fun, affordable and safe activity for the entire family,” says Mickey MacWilliams, MSIA Executive Director. With the Passport, up to two kids can ski free with each paying adult.

Why 4th and 5th Graders?

Steve Kershner, MSIA chairman and director of skiing at Shanty Creek Resort, says the association wants Michigan kids to have the opportunity to ski or snowboard. “Fourth and fifth graders are the perfect age to learn to ski. They have the coordination to pick up the sport quickly,” he adds.

The “Cold is Cool” Fourth & Fifth Grade Passport is one of the elements of MSIA’s “Cold is Cool” program, which is dedicated to improving the health of the children in our state by offering winter outdoor activities for all Michigan kids and their families.