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Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (MSIA) was formed in 1991 as a marketing driven association. Our main purpose is to increase awareness of snowsports such as skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing in Michigan and to introduce new individuals to the sport.

Our efforts are designed to benefit all travel and tourism business in the industry, including ski areas, ski shops, manufacturer’s representatives and related businesses.

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MSIA Programs

Legislative and Governmental Issues

MSIA keeps abreast of legislative issues that affect our industry and notifies members when action is needed. MSIA retains the respected lobbying firm Muchmore, Harrington Smalley & Associates to represent our interests. Furthermore, MSIA’s Executive Director Mickey MacWilliams, sits on numerous Michigan travel and tourism boards and committees, is a registered lobbyist and is your voice regarding snowsports issues. Help us help the industry by donating now!

Discover Michigan Skiing

Since 1991, this popular learn-to-ski program has introduced over 120,000 people to skiing and snowboarding. Working with McDonald’s restaurants as our partner, information about Discover Michigan Skiing is printed on over 500,000 McDonald’s trayliners and over 750,000 vouchers distributed in the restaurants each year. MSIA also partners with Booth Newspapers to promote the program.

School Ski Days and Cold is Cool Passport

School Ski Days is a program to encourage school field trips to ski areas. MSIA mails and emails information to all Michigan schools, and those in bordering states close to ski areas, providing them with information on taking a field trip to their local ski area.  The Cold is Cool Passport is an app that allows 4th and 5th grade students to ski free at participating ski areas.  The app allows the child, with a paying adult, to ski either two or three times at approximately 30 Michigan ski areas.  Not only does the passport solidify skiing as a family recreational activity that these kids will take with them for their lifetime, it also makes it possible for families to get out on the slopes more often each winter. The app tracks participation and this information is available to all participating members.

Public Relations

Each season MSIA sends a press kit to reporters, describing the new activities on our slopes and in our shops. Many writers eagerly await our kits each fall, because it makes their jobs much easier. Throughout the season MSIA also sends numerous news releases regarding relevant ski and snowboard issues.

White Gold Card

Our primary source of funding, the White Gold Card allows purchasers to ski one time at each of the participating MSIA-member ski areas. Ski shops also agree to provide one free ski tune-up per card. The cards go and MSIA is limited to selling up to 500 cards per year.

Weather Blast Kits

One of the chief complaints of our members is the fact that radio and television reporters tend to say negative things about cold weather and snow. They make “cute” remarks about heading south when the weather turns cold.

To counteract this, MSIA issues emails to the broadcast media throughout the winter. Our message is a kind reminder that Michigan is a winter wonderland and should be looked at with a positive attitude. We also send sample faxes to our members, along with a list of fax numbers for radio and television stations across the state. We ask members to pull out a fax and send it each time they hear negative comments on the air about our weather. The effort has really made a difference! Reporters are getting the idea and we have seen a gradual increase in positive weather reporting.

Services to Our Members

MSIA’s Website:

Check out MSIA’s website. It’s an interesting site with links to ski areas, ski shops, ski manufacturers and ski conditions. The website is geared to skiers of all ages. It provides information on our programs and our member ski areas and shops. Plus, we provide a direct link from MSIA’s site to member sites. Since goskimichigan. com is one of the top sites on the major search engines when looking for skiing in Michigan, this is a valuable tool for you!


MSIA runs a digital and social media ad campaign to promote our programs and the events of our members.  We also partner with Travel Michigan to produce a co-op ad campaign to promote snowsports – both in-state and to our surrounding states each year that the program is offered.

MSIA Annual Conference

The MSIA meets every summer at a member resort for an informational meeting, lunch, golf and a cocktail reception. Besides being an excellent opportunity to get to know others in our industry, it’s a chance to make an impact on MSIA decisions. Our meetings can be attended in person or virtually.

Direct Mail

MSIA mails packets of ski-related material to families who participate in our programs. All current MSIA members are invited to include information in this mailing by sending a flyer or brochure to MSIA’s mail house. Packets are then stuffed and sent to the approximately 5,500 households of Discover Michigan participants. The best part is that this is a free benefit to all MSIA members! To mail to all these new skiers yourself, the cost of postage alone would be a lot more than the price of your yearly MSIA membership.

We’re working hard to promote the sport we all love, but we can’t do it without a strong and active membership. We thank you for becoming an MSIA member and look forward to working with you in the coming season.

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Donate to MSIA’s Lobby Fund

Please consider making a donation to MSIA’s Lobby Fund. Suggested donations are as follows:

  • Ski Shops, Ski Representatives and Associate Members: $100 each
  • Ski areas: 1 penny for every lift ticket sold during the 2021/22 season, with a minimum contribution of $400