Michigan Ski Hall of Fame Nomination

The Michigan Snowsports Industries Association, (MSIA) Board of Directors recognizes the fact that without inspired individuals, the sport of skiing would never have become the important state industry that it is today. Therefore, it is appropriate to create the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame to honor the pioneers and industry leaders who have made contributions to the introduction, practice and development of skiing in Michigan.

The Michigan Ski Hall of Fame was initiated in 2003, with the induction of Bill Pearson of Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus in Grand Rapids and Everett Kircher, founder of Boyne USA. As the name implies, the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame was created to honor those who benefited the snowsports industry in Michigan. Nominees must have contributed significantly to the sport and industry of skiing in the State of Michigan. Although an individual may have done much on the national or international levels of skiing, the mere fact that he or she chooses to live in the state is not a sufficient qualification. The accomplishments of the individual must have a direct benefit to Michigan, whether by encouraging growth of the sport in the state or by exporting ideas, talent, techniques or products developed within the state that went on to have national or international significance. The direct result will be that of enhancing the image of Michigan as the source of skiing innovation. Members inducted into the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame are honored at the MSIA Annual Conference, (held in the summer).

Categories of Nomination

  • Athlete: To qualify the nominee must have an outstanding record of accomplishment at divisional, national or international levels of competition, resulting in a direct benefit to the State of Michigan.
  • Ski Sport Builder: A nominee must have made major contributions in areas of organization, promotion or development of the skiing industry in Michigan. Normally a long period of demonstration is necessary for an individual to be recognized as a ski sport builder; however, there may be isolated instances of one action that dramatically and permanently changes the entire industry for the future that would qualify.
  • Inspirational: A nominee must have provided inspiration in the sport, which has led to and enhanced the knowledge, pleasure or pursuit of skiing in Michigan. This category may include filmmakers, authors, performers, area operators, or any individual who has performed an inspirational act. Normally a long period of demonstration is necessary for an individual to be recognized as an inspirational individual, however, there may be isolated instances of one action that is so inspirational in itself so as to qualify an individual for nomination.

Nomination Procedures

An individual may be nominated after completion of his/her achievements, or at age 40, whichever comes earlier. The intent of the Hall of Fame is to recognize worthy individuals in a timely manner. In order to nominate an individual to the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame a sponsor must complete the nomination form which you may download here. The sponsor must not be the individual nominated or a member of his/her immediate family. The completed nomination form must be accompanied by at least two type-written seconding letters from individuals who are considered the nominee’s peers and are not members of the nominee’s immediate family. Upon receipt of the nomination form, the Nominations Review Committee of the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame will examine the application for eligibility in accordance with these guidelines. In the event that an individual is declared not eligible for nomination, the sponsor will be notified with the reasons for non-eligibility. Once a nominated individual has been determined eligible for election, the sponsor will be contacted to provide the following materials.

  • Short Biography: This should be less than four pages long but sufficiently comprehensive to fully reflect the accomplishments of the nominee as they relate to Michigan skiing.
  • Photograph: A 5” X 7” glossy, head and shoulder photograph or a suitable electronic file (call MSIA office for details) of the nominee must be provided. It is suggested that the photo be ski oriented and representative of the nominee during the time he or she was most active. This photograph will be used for publicity and for the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame exhibit, should the nominee be elected.
  • Other Supporting Materials: These materials are very important and give authenticity to the achievements of the nominee. They will be highly regarded by the Voting Panel. Examples of supporting materials may include: newspaper articles, historical records, letters, film footage, video tapes, patents, blue prints, books or additional information not already included in the required documentation.

Nominations may be submitted at any time. However, to be considered in the next review period the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame must receive the nomination form by June 1st of the same year. Nominees who are selected for induction should be advised that selection entails no financial obligation on their part. If a nominee is not selected for induction, his/her packet will be resubmitted to the Voting Panel each year for a maximum of two additional years.