MSIA Sustainability Trail Map

Suggested Trail Map to Sustainability

Below is a listing of suggested roads to sustainability.  As with our trail maps, green signifies the easiest options, blue are more difficult and black are the most difficult.  This is simply provided as a bit of a guide, to help you navigate some of the many options available to you.


  • Contact your energy provider and inquire about a free energy audit
  • Campaign to turn OFF computers/monitors/TVs as opposed to sleep mode
  • Implement closing checklists to ensure lights and select appliances are being turned off each night
  • Implement no idle policy for snowcats, maintenance vehicles
  • Install motion sensors
  • Install kitchen hood fan sensors
  • Install programmable thermostats (and turn down a few degrees in the lodge, remember your guests are wearing snow pants!)
  • Replace doors/seals, window caulking, etc.


  • Be conscious of water waste (turn faucets off!)
  • Proper drainage
  • Restaurants: Offer glasses of water upon request
  • Installation of an oil/water separator
  • Install water bottle refill station
  • Install waterless urinal

Natural Resources

  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials (batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, oil, chemicals, etc.).  Check with your waste/recycle hauler for Hazmat drop off days, City Hall, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
  • Adjust printer setting default to printing two sided
  • For cash registers, printed receipts only available upon request
  • Only offer straws/lids upon request
  • Discontinue use of polystyrene (styrofoam)
  • Discontinue use of K-cups (or purchase compostable type)
  • Discontinue use of plastic bags
  • Retail: incentivize customers for bringing their own bag
  • Collect plastic bags (from retail shops/Food and Beverage products) and drop off at plastic bag recycling area (most grocery stores in Michigan participate)
  • Work with local food pantry/farm for immediate use of food reaching end of life
  • Switch to reusable products (rather than disposable), hot dog/fry boats, sauce cups, silverware, etc.
  • Switch to recycled products (toilet paper, paper towel, etc.)
  • Purchase recyclable/compostable products (utensils, carry out, etc.)
  • Purchase locally sourced foods